Improve Dei roads, make way for development

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013

 I THANK the national government for upgrading and sealing the Ogelbeng-Dona road in Dei, Western Highlands, including roads between Ogelbeing-Mount Ambra, Mount Ambra-Penga, Penga-Kotna, Penga-Kimel and Kindeng-Kondepina junction. 

People are now able to sell their coffee and market goods on time as well as get other things done with better road networks. 

Sick people can now go to hospitals. So can pregnant women, reducing childbirth complications, and teachers can get to schools on time. 

Permanent houses are being built in villages and there are high hopes of a prospering district. 

Better road networks is the key to progress and development. 

It frees people’s mindset blocked by poor road conditions that brings laziness and a hindrance to progress, but now, they are excited to work to improve their lives. 

There are some incomplete jobs that need to be done such as a section of the road at Penda Village, which was packed with stones but was left unfinished and unsealed because of a landslide. 

The road at Kindeng Corner, about one kilometre from the market was washed away by floods and this needs to be addressed quickly. 

I hear that the Kuk-Gumanch road via Mount Ambra is currently being upgraded and sealed, but if not, this needs to be done. 

I am now requesting that the national and provincial governments upgrade and seal three more roads in Dei; the road leading into Kuk from the main road towards the Kuk agricultural research station, the Mount Ambra-Muglump road and the Kotna Station/Kitip-Tiki road. 

The bulk of the Dei population live in these parts and improving these roads will bring further change and development. 

Dei is now the leading coffee producing district in the country, as well as growing vegetables for markets. 

A complete upgrading and sealing of its entire road network will bring more benefits to the province and the country. 

Dei is now a good place for a countryside drive for those who wish to see its plant life and fresh flowing rivers. 

Tourists will want to visit Dei to see huge coffee plantations, clean rivers and vegetation. 

It is good to see that in some places, the people have cleaned the sides of the roads and planted flowers, like at Kondepina SDA Church. 

Can the local MP introduce a road beautification programme and allocate funds for churches to plant trees and flowers. 

Perhaps pay K300 per church per month for them to beautify the roads as well as to support them financially. 

I appeal to the people of Dei not to play politics. 

We talk too much and waste precious time. 

Can we put a stop to all this nonsense and work the land and reap what God has given to us through hard work and commitment by making use of the road networks we now have?


Andrew Dupaim

Port Moresby