Improve Lae city roads

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, February 17, 2011

I REFER to the editorial “Changing face of Lae city” (The National, Feb 15).
It is interesting that Lae residents will be seeing many of the road sections in Lae City being upgraded and sealed.
Lae is booming with buildings coming up everywhere and with the roads issue being addressed, the city’s facelift will make it make it more like a modern industrial city that it rightly is.
However, there should be money set aside to patch small cracks or holes that come about.
In fact, there is hardly a sub-contractor who is engaged to seal all these small holes which are left to rot away into bigger crater-like holes.
This is ridiculous.
The national government should set funds aside for local authority, the Lae City Council engineering section, to do maintenance work.
Also, let us not forget the feeder roads in the city for they are part of the city’s image.

Kevin Bimbim