Improve security in institutions


WE have recently read the hype in the media with security issues falling over in our highest learning institutions.
I would like to provoke some thoughts that can help in discussions towards identifying pragmatic solutions.
Let me start by thanking the media for publishing this and the female students and female leaders in coming out public.
Issues are better identified and solutions are found in this manner.
I have worked all my life in the security risk management industry and I have observed time and again one of the biggest hurdles in our institutions is that the management team is not able to identify with the cleaner or the gate checker.
I was blessed to work for some time in one of the biggest non-government organisations where the chief executive officer stepped in to do the security officer’s job and at times even took a drivers job when the driver and security officer were absent.
Globalisation has opened doors back many decades and integrated business practices is the norm these days.
It is influencing organisational cultures and can now be taken that a security issue is a management lapse.
I challenge the management of our institutions to take stock on security risk management and start with global best practices on how best to mitigate these threats while understanding the facts as all forms of threats and hazards, either man-made or natural, are here to stay, but the institutions should adopt strategies to deal with them.
This includes harassment issues.
Every society has issues with harassment.
But, our institutions should have venues and rules, stipulated clearly and the enforcement that should follow the laws of the country.
This is the work of the one management and not separate units.
Such exercises in setting up systems are costly, but it is the way forward.
I hope this helps at our premier institutions in the management of safety and security issues.