Improve teachers’ welfare, condition


IT is becoming a norm for teachers yearly to be subjected to issues relating to salaries and leave fares.
First quarter of the year, the media takes on the issue of teachers being put off the payroll because their resumption forms did not get to Port Moresby.
And at the end of the academic year, it is their leave entitlements issues that never seems to have an end to it.
And this time, several hundred teachers have been affected by pay deductions which some were not aware of.
And what is ticking most off, is that they are unable to verify as they do not have access to that vital piece of document “pay slip”.
They are supposed to access the pay slips online but that service has gone off. It is unfair to this group of people who tirelessly put in the extra hours, endure harsh travelling and living conditions to be affected for any matter.
Many teachers work with inadequate contracts and pay.
They often live in difficult conditions, and lack appropriate initial training, continuous professional development and consistent support.
They are sometimes victims of discrimination and even violent attacks.
The quote by Prateek Chauhan “A teacher is never an ordinary person”.
Construction and destruction can be produced in his lap basically shows the power of teachers and teaching.
In some countries, a teacher’s salary is the highest in the government worker’s salary scale.
The primary and secondary teachers are particularly at a disadvantage.
Their status is lower than that of doctors, engineers, advocates, and civil servants; even lower than that of semi-literate and illiterate traders.
This reflects the sound understanding their leaders have.
It is undeniable because without a classroom teacher, a public servant, director, manager, CEO, minister, lawyer, consultant, you name it, cannot do what they do and cannot read, count or write.
Many of them write and speak excellent English and perform exceptionally well in the work force. It is all because of teachers.
Teaching is a very important activity on which the base of any nation and culture is established.
Study after study shows the single most important factor determining the quality of the education a child receives is the quality of his teacher.
For a qualified teacher to achieve an outstanding performance in terms of quality students, they should not be cheated or differentiated when it comes to what is owed to them.
It is not easy to find a teacher who will be willing to teach without getting paid fortnightly and not just any teacher but an experienced teacher.
Teachers play an extraordinary part in the lives of children for the formative years of their development and the importance of teachers is something that cannot be understated.
If the education authorities believe this, then they should ensure that teachers and the teaching profession get adequate support.
It is time to put in place policies that safeguard and reinforce the status of teachers.
And that means improving the efficiency and effectiveness of education systems at every level.
If the teachers are put off the payroll, most will walk off their classrooms leaving the poor students to suffer.
Lets’ consider our children also.


  • A nation without education is a nation without a future.Education is delivered by No other than teachers.They work day and night,seven days a week and preparing the lives of every student by molding and shaping him or her to become productive citizen of this nation. However,the very sad thing about teachers is that ,they are the most lowly paid people.The so call doctors,engineers,pilots and the list continuous are the product of teachers.Therefore,the government needs to increase teachers salaries and stop unnecessary deductions from teachers every time.

  • Very true…. friend….no overtime payment but still busy with the next days lesson…we may talk about their unfaitfulnes in the classroom and behavior towards general public…the cause may be their welfare.In order to have quality education make teachers happy…….

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