Improve your academic results, students told

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 3rd, 2013

 THE PNG University of Technology administration has challenged its students to improve academically in light of the increasingly popular trend of MPs subsidising tuition fees in tertiary institutions around the country.

Unitech acting vice-chancellor Macquin Maino said that last Friday when thanking a visiting delegation from the Kokopo joint district planning and budget priority committee that represented Kokopo MP and East New Britain Governor Ereman ToBaining Jnr to pay their K51,000 tuition fee subsidy.

He said how the nation developed and progressed depended on the training and development of students in tertiary institutions such as Unitech and students should capitalise on such funding.

“The primary roles of institutions are to refine the minds of our students and human beings who will run this nation and contribute towards its development,” he said.

“At this time and age the costs are higher, the roads are not good for accessibility, especially for parents who are the ones mostly burdened. Any help for our students received or any help that assists parents is really appreciated.” 

Maino reminded the students that such subsidy funding was public funds that should have been directed towards improving the lives of the people in the district.

“I want to challenge you that you have to put your head down and come out to be the best, we not only want students to graduate with flying colours but understand the profession they are here to study,” he said.

“Somebody with As and Bs can go out and be a lazy person out there but with a good understanding of the profession that you study will help our nation,” Maino said.