Improving financial services


THE United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) has partnered with Digicel Financial Services Ltd to improve the access and usage of financial services in the Sepik region.
This partnership will support Digicel’s efforts to expand its CellMoni agent channel footprint, increase CellMoni users, and build a digital economy and a cashless society in Sepik to make electronic payment a reality.
The United Nations Development Programme resident representative Dirk Wagener said the partnership signing was about collaborating to improve the access and usage of financial services in Sepik by leveraging the current customer penetration and brand recall of Digicel.
“This is an important partnership where Digicel Financial Services and UNCDF will work together to bring 215 agents and over 100,000 new customers under the formal financial system using CellMoni,” he said.
“The digital revolution has radically transformed global economies: how people work; how supply meets demand; how market information moves; how transactions are processed.
“This transformation has the potential to make digital economies more inclusive by making geography and distance less relevant, lowering barriers to entry, making work less dependent on one’s ability to be physically present and by expanding financial inclusion, the access of all people to financial services they need to manage life’s risks.”