Improving health a key focus

Health Watch, Normal

The National, Thursday February 27th, 2014

 CONTRIBUTING to the improvement of health in Papua New Guinea is a key focus of the PNG LNG Project, according to an official.

Dave Hancook from the PNG LNG Project health team said the project had partnered with organisations to support community health outreach initiatives.

From malaria prevention efforts, to refurbishing health institutions, providing training and scholarships, and improving awareness on sanitation and HIV/AIDS, the project works with an established network of partners to make a difference throughout the country.

A flagship project is the K6.9 million initiative to improve maternal health and reduce child mortality rates in PNG.

The two-year programme, led by Houston-based Texas Children’s Hospital and partner Baylor College of Medicine, supports the deployment of public, paediatric and maternal health specialists to the University of PNG.

The project works at a community level to determine the causes of illness.

“Over four years, we’ve been able to survey almost 70,000 people in four geographic areas,” he said.

“The data helps inform broad-based health strategies at a local, national and international level, improving people’s health on a daily basis.”

Another important health activity is the Enhanced Community Health project run in partnership with Population Services International.

The initiative aims to educate people about water, sanitation and hygiene-related disease prevention, malaria prevention and control.