IMR to launch new treatment for pregnant women

Momase, Normal

THE Medical Research Institute (IMR) will be launching the intermittent preventative treatment in pregnancy project at the Bates oval in Madang later this month.
The study is a new project within the Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research and involves pregnant women and malaria in Madang province.
It is a four-year project founded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through the malaria consortium.
The IMR has already set up six sites to carry out the study within Madang township, Alexisafen and Yagaum.
This study aims to reduce the chances of mothers getting sick with malaria or anaemia while pregnant.
Registered nurses would be involved in the project to monitor and supervise the mothers who are six months pregnant.
Interested mothers will sign a form to be part of the project and it is a volunteer job and all test results will be held confidential.
The study, if successful, would see a new health policy be formulated so the current procedures used in the study would be incorporated to the normal procedures, mothers attend to while pregnant.
Mothers and fathers in Madang are invited to attend the official launching so they could know more about the purpose of the study,
For more information, contact the project management team on phone 852 0764.