In-fighting can destroy Jiwaka

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 5, 2011

JIWAKA is yet to be­come a province but it is already in danger of dying from premature birth if there is too much in-fighting and politicking among the Jiwaka Transitional Au­thority, MPs and intending 2012 election candidates.
The people of Jiwaka were happy when we were told the region would become a province next year.
Furthermore, Mt Hagen is fast becoming a dangerous place to go to today because of the rising law and order problems.
When we become a province, our people need not have to travel to Mt Hagen to shop, do business and so forth. 
However, there is now a real danger we may end up fighting each other be­cause there is no real pro­gress being made by the JTA.
What do we have to show for when compared to the work done by the Hela Transitional Authority?
I doubt we have even achieved 1% of what HTA has done.
As a true Ngalye, I have a great fear that if the JTA members, MPs and intending candidates fail to put aside their political ambitions, there is no future for Jiwaka province.


Jeremiah Gobontas