In-store-banking in NI

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The National, Thursday July 25th, 2013

 THE expansion of in-store banking services to New Ireland will save customers travel time and costs and bring benefits to the local economy, Westpac PNG head of retail banking Adam Downie has said.

He said this after Westpac introduced its In-store banking offer to New Ireland bringing the benefits of financial inclusion and convenient banking services to a bigger number of people.  

Locals at Kolonoboi village, Namatanai district would soon be able to conduct a range of transactions, such as conducting deposits, paying bills and transferring money to others, at the In-store Banking terminal soon to be deployed at the Soma Family trade store.

The Soma’s family trade store has a large customer base and the family is delighted to participate in Westpac’s “Everywhere Banking” initiative, which aims to bring convenient and cheap banking services to New Irelanders.

Downie said Westpac had been in PNG for more than 100 years and understands the challenges that rural populations face when it comes to banking due to the geography of PNG. 

He added that in-store banking provides a way for Westpac to access and provide banking services to the millions of unbanked Papua New Guineans. 

“We are delighted to partner with reputable, local trade stores, such as the Somas.  

“The expansion of In-store banking services to Namatanai and Kolonobi would save our customers travelling time and costs and bring benefits to the local economies.  

“Banking has changed a great deal in PNG since Westpac opened its first branch in 1910 and Westpac is excited about being a leading player in shaping the future of financial services in this great country.”

The Soma family expressed thanks for the rural banking service that Westpac is rolling out country-wide, adding that it would be beneficial for the people of Kolonobi and the nearby villages including the commuters travelling along the Boluminsky Highway.  

The family were also delighted recipients of the Westpac pre-generated Handy cards.