In the footsteps of Jesus


YOUR ego is the part of you that wants to be noticed.
It’s the part that does something nice for someone or aces a test and then screams, “Hey, look at what I did. Did you see that? I’m awesome. Let me tell you all about it.”
There’s nothing wrong with ego.
We all want to be appreciated and noticed for the things that we do, don’t we?
However, when it comes to the Bible, it’s different.
Can you find instances in the Bible where Jesus had pointed the finger at himself and said, “Did you see that? Did you see what I did? Am I great or what?”
No, Jesus went about doing good quietly and tried not to attract attention.
We don’t mind doing well, as long as someone notices it, but that’s not how Jesus did things.
Try this: Every day this week, do one good thing and don’t let anyone know about it.
See if it’s easy or hard.
Let Jesus feed your ego.
He’s the only one who can keep it well fed and satisfied.

John wadidika
OLSH Limana Tvet School
Port Moresby