Include churches in rescue package


As a Christian nation, we have undermined the Creators’ ability to protect us by restricting Church services.
Churches who depend on tithes and offerings as their main source of operational revenue were badly affected as a result of the state of emergency (SOE) lockdown.
Restricting the congregation from attending church services stops the flow of church operational revenue.
Nonexistence of secular assistance is a huge test for our leaders.
The Biblical structure of paying church workers not supported by the government is a huge test for our leaders in this Christian society.
An example is the Papua New Guinea Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventist laying off some staff recently.
Wakeup leaders and include Churches in the country’s economic stimulus package.

Hanam Bill Sandu,

One thought on “Include churches in rescue package

  • If we rely on the democratic government to support the Church, I believe your church is operating from DARKNESS. A church must operate under the KINGDOM government, Gods Government, this is the higher government that Jesus brought into the world. The highest office the church now can operate, is from this
    office, you want run the Church that Jesus said I will build my CHURCH, operate on HIS own Government, not partnering with democratic government, which is the LOWEST government on earth…

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