Include clans in talks


CONGRATULATIONS to the five clans around the precinct of Portion 625, Vidar, in Madang.
They were acknowledged as customary landowners of the land now occupied by RD Corporation and the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ).
However, these five clans did not fully represent the rest of the other clans who have the same right by custom over Portion 625, Vidar.  Therefore, it will be wise for relevant authorities and stakeholders including the Catholic Church to include each and every individual clan from Bomase, Budup, Mediba, Haven and Kananam in any roundtable discussion for compensation payment or benefit sharing.
We as immediate clans residing alongside the precincts of the development area deserve proper identification and recognition just as much as the plaintiffs.
We call for thorough and inclusive clan vetting and identification, and full representation in any roundtable talk that may result.
Any suppression of our rights will only result in court case after court case.
This will be detrimental to the economic aspirations of the State to develop the multi-million kina PMIZ and other development within Portion 625.

Paulus Mukoi
Customary Landowner
Bomase village