Include tertiary students in budget


THE allocation of the K20.4 million funding for students attending elementary, secondary schools and Tvet by Southern Highlands Governor William Powi is good.
However, the education subsidies should include the tertiary students as well.
When analysing the breakdown of the K20.4mil education subsidies, K5 million goes to construction of five technical and vocational colleges. This is okay.
Whereas, the rest K15 million goes to elementary and secondary students.
This includes dropout students which is just too much.
There is no logic and transparency in this budget breakdown.
This should include tertiary student’s subsidies as well.
Universities and colleges contain a massive number of SHP students who are still struggling with fees.
It is understandable that I should not complain about this issue if the student’s subsidies were not included in the budget breakdown.
Since the focus is on dropouts; how certain are they to know that there are dropouts (year 10 and 12) in dire need?
Have they done any research?
Where are your statistics? It is better understood that K15 million students subsidies is too much, hence Powi and his team should review SHP budget under education subsidies.
They should include tertiary student’s subsidies as well.

Gordon Max Undi’Lipu,

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