Increase in HIV

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THE Business Coalition Against HIV/AIDS (BAHA) has reported that more middle aged men in PNG have been tested positive to HIV than women.
It said in its August newsletter that these were people between 40 and 60 years.
This information was based on a report by the Department of Health that between January and June this year, 181 men and 89 women were tested HIV positive.
BAHA said that a higher number of men were infected because they were more mobile owing to their jobs.
This appears to be substantiated in a report by Queensland health authorities that an increasing number of heterosexual men from Cairns, who upon returning from PNG had been tested positive to HIV.
BAHA quoted The Cairns Post as having reported that in 2007, infections out of PNG increased five-fold, and 20 per cent of all new diagnoses in Cairns were contracted in PNG, compared with 6 percent in 2006. 
BAHA said that in PNG more men than women were working and many left their homes and villages to work full time. 
 “For expatriate workers, international travel is even more commonplace, and therefore mobility is a factor in increased risk of HIV infection – particularly amongst men”.
BAHA said it would be targeting men who travel and work for discussions on the danger of HIV/AIDS.
It hoped employers would adopt programs to ensure no men becomes HIV positive during any kind of trave  and  would  do regular HIV checks.