Increase in street kids concerns police

The National,Friday June 24th, 2016

THE Western Highlands police commander is appealing to parents of school-aged children roaming Mt Hagen city and collecting rubbish for a living to send them to school.
Chief Supt Martin Lakari told The National yesterday that the number of school-aged children collecting aluminium cans and plastic containers in the city was increasing.
Lakari said it did not look good when these future leaders were allowed by their parents to collect rubbish to earn money to sustain their living in the city.
“The fault is with their parents for failing their responsibility to send them to school and allowing them to roam the streets like orphans.”
He said the Government was removing a burden on parents by providing free education from elementary to secondary level.
Lakari said he could not see any reason why some parents were not sending  their children to school.
Department of Western Highlands social and community development acting manager Peter Nepil also expressed similar concerns.
Nepil said parents were abusing the rights of their children by allowing them to work on the streets.
He said these kids had a long way to go and must be sent to school.
Nepil urged the city authority to stop school-aged kids from collecting rubbish in the city.