Increase number of school inspectors


ONE of the best mechanics to maintain the attributes of teachers and teaching and learning in the country’s education system is to support and increase the number of inspectors to continue on the work of inspection in all divisions by the Government through the Education Department.
The responsibilities each inspector discharges to the teachers, instructors in schools and academics in teachers’ colleges is huge and has a direct influence on the teaching and learning of children.
It keeps the staff on their toes and ensures that they do their job well.
As a former secondary school teacher, I strongly believe that inspection is the powerful mechanism that the Education Department should consider to increase personnel and financial support if we want to see an improvement in education services.
Given the introduction of free education and the establishment of additional early childhood learning, primary, high and secondary schools in all 89 districts and taking into consideration the geographical challenges in many districts, we would require more inspectors to share responsibilities to administer quality control in the teaching profession.
A teacher’s performance improves when inspectors conduct regular inspections in schools.
With regular inspections, teachers do their best in ensuring that they deliver the best to students.
Without inspectors, quality education may be difficult to achieve.
That is why inspectors are a very important part of the education system.
Despite challenges faced in accessing some rural areas in the country, some inspectors ensure they carry on their duty.
Without the work of inspectors, the quality of education might be compromised.

Jack Anis Kukiwa,
Lae Kram