Increase public servants’ pay


THE living standards of public servants is deteriorating every day due to fluctuation in economic outlook and compulsory consumer price index (CPI).
The Government doesn’t have to emulate the ethos of the past governments where public servants were rewarded when they were about to retire.
The Covid-19 has affected most of the workers and CPI for 2020-2022 has to be given prominence and expedited starting this year.
The 3 per cent CPI for 2017, 2018 and 2019 were slotted into 2020 and there were anomalies faced which need not to be repeated in the years going forward.
The repercussion was felt both by the workers and the government when the global economy was hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.
The Government should not sit back and expect unions to fight for their members.
The Department of Personnel Management should liaise with departmental heads for current staff ceiling and advise Treasury and Finance departments about the proposed budget for a speedy execution.
The petty three per cent increase has not made a difference in the take workers’ take-home pay and it need to be increased in the coming three years.
Public servants have enjoyed a 7.5 percent CPI for 2014 to 2016.
The Government can budget for projects but workers should not to be overlooked.
Private companies are paying lucrative take-home salaries with different allowances regardless of positions they occupy but our public servants are paid the least.
Public servants are underpaid and their salary should adjusted by increasing their CPI without procrastination.
When the worker’s pay is increased, they are innovative and motivated to contribute more.

Jeffsatu, Lypin Lokait


  • You could be joking. Weed out the rampant corruption in the public service first before talking about pay rise.

  • There are some public servants requiring an increase in pay because of the hard work and which they truly deserve.
    But so sorry too, that some (few/or gangs)of the corrupt public servants are doing less and getting more.
    So in general, how can PS’ pay increase.?
    Remove the corrupted roots, do a lot of work before increase can be considered.
    Tin tin tasol!

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