Independents will do well

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 11th, 2012

ACCORDING to prea­chers, 2012 is a prophe­tic year and I believe them.
Corrupt and power-hungry people are fighting for a pastoral job.
To be a member of parliament is a pastoral job and one should be careful as this job comes with a price.
God will not let his people be led to destruction by evil leaders.
We need to be prepared to face the trouble times ahead.
All predictions made by people and calculated moves made by current MPs are just human plans.
God has his own plans for his people so let us wait patiently and see what is installed for us.
It will not be a surprise if the majority of those elected in the ongoing general election are independents.
This is so because they are fed up with corruption and know what the people need.
Year 2012 Analyst