Indepth news reports needed, says ex-PM

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The National, Wednesday, May 4, 2011

LOCAL media must produce more investigative journalism to highlight the failures of governments to adequately address effective service delivery for the people, Sir Julius Chan says.
Sir Julius, a two-time prime minister and governor of New Ireland, issued the challenge at the World Press Freedom Day seminar in Port Moresby yesterday.
He urged journalists to dig deeper rather than writing a “just a simple story”.
He said they should do greater research and ask many questions to disseminate the correct information to the public.
He said a free press should have the freedom to ask why millions of kina, generated from the nation’s wealth, was “not adequately developing infrastructure for our people”.
“We have incredible resources, yet, we have deteriorating infrastructure,” Sir Julius said.
Communication and Information secretary Henao Iduhu said freedom of the media was a prerequisite of modern society.
He said PNG “will continue to enjoy media freedom as long as those in the media abide by their code of ethics”.
He urged the journalists to avoid sensational reporting in which their personal opinions and emotions “is reflected in their reports”.
He encouraged the journalists to protect a free press with fairness and balanced reporting.
Other issues raised at the seminar included establishing a PNG journalists association to address issues of concern and a certifying test for journalists similar to what other professionals like accountants and lawyers go through.