India offers education opportunities


FLORENTINE Kuri from Chuave, Chimbu is the first girl to receive a placement to study in a university in India through the PNG International Education Consultancy Services (PIECS).
She flew to India on June 19 to undertake a three-year bachelor of science programme in microbiology at Bharathidasan College of Arts and Science.
Bharathidasan College is in South India, Erode, Tamil Nadu.
PIECS international relations manager Chandra Sekaran travelled with Kuri to assist her settle in school.
“I am happy that this will strengthen the relationships between the two countries and I hope to see more students studying in India through such arrangement,” Sekaran said.
PNG PIECS manager Jeremiah Pile said Kuri met all the requirements.
“Florentine’s departure is paving way for more eligible Papua New Guineans to gain quality and affordable education there in India,” Pile said.
Florentine’s father Tine Kuri said he was happy for his daughter.
“I am happy that Florentine can take this challenge to study and we are glad that she will do her studies to represent her family and country well.”
He said the PNG education system could not cater for all school leavers in the country and the fees were too high.
He thanked PIECS for linking India and PNG through education.

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