Indonesia set to provide electricity to PNG border

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ELECTRICITY supply from Indonesia is now available at the PNG-Indonesian border for Papua New Guineans to have access to, according to the Inter Government Relations Minister Kevin Isifu.
“We are now looking forward to PNG Power Limited putting up power poles from Vanimo to the border so that the power supply from Indonesian to Vanimo can be connected,” he said.
“The power poles, cables and other electrical materials are already on the ground in Vanimo.
“PNG Power will now have to proceed with the 42km power line from Vanimo to Wutung to light up the border post.”
Isifu said the 2megawatt power supply generated from diesel power plant in Waena and Yarmokh in the Papua Province of Indonesia is near the border.
“Also Water PNG will set up the water supply from Vanimo to Wutung so that the Wutung border office can be opened for business before the end of the year.”
He said a joint technical team from PNG Power and Water PNG officials would go to Vanimo to do a detailed scoping project for the Border Administration Complex.
“Funding is available. We only need the scope work to determine the costing in order to release the funds”.