Indonesia to train police in preparation for Apec summit


Five Indonesian police officers have arrived to help train members of the Royal PNG police prepare for the 2018 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting
These  officers will  provide training in small fire arms and intelligence  sharing with a view to maximising the security arrangement during the Apec summit.
They  will be training PNG police officers at the MacGregor Police Barracks  in Port  Moresby  over  the next  three weeks ending on Dec 2.
Indonesian Ambassador Ronald Manik, when opening the training programme in Port Moresby, said that through this training, the experts  would share their knowledge, skills and experience related to the principle of use of force and firearms, weapon maintenance, including handguns and riffle skills.
Manik said that they were helping  PNG police prepare for security operations upon a request from the constabulary.
“With regards to the dispatch of expert on protocol and security  conference managements, this programme is designed to meet the particular request of PNG for protocol and conference  management since more international conferences  would be held in the year ahead, particularly in hosting the Apec Summit and related meetings in 2018.
“In this regard, protocol and conference management play a key role in the convening of meetings.
“A proper protocol conference management is a key to deliver  appropriate hospitality to foreign delegations  and to ensure visitors’ time spent will be positive and productive.”
Meanwhile, acting deputy police commissioner for operations David Manning has welcomed the Indonesian officers.
“Hosting Apec is not new to our Indonesian friends and we are pleased to be recipients of the shared knowledge, experience, and skills required to host a successful Apec year,” he said.