Inexcusable behaviour: Wagambie

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JOHN Wagambie, brother of Richard Wagambie,  has described the alleged assault incident involving a current PNG Kumul player as “inexcusable” and call on selectors for the player’s immediate sacking.
Wagambie is one of many callers who called The National to express their anger over the alleged assault incident.
Speaking from Alotau, Milne Bay province, Wagambie, who is renowned for his strict discipline on his players during his term as Kumul coach said the Kumul player involved should not take part in the upcoming SP Pacific Cup Challenge.
He also called on PNGRFL and PNG Kumuls coach Adrian Lam and his management not to sweep this incident under carpet which would clearly reflect on the weaknesses in managing the team.
“How come and why was the player out drinking when he is supposed to be with the team attending a get-together function with former Kumul players?” he asked.
Wagambie said Kumuls, regardless of whether they were over-seas based or from the domestic competition, had a duty to behave professionally.
Apart from Wagambie, former Wari Vele Raiders Joshua Nablu rang from Hong Kong to enquire about the alleged incident which has caused major embarrassment abroad.
At least five callers who want to remain anonymous called   on PNGRFL to investigate the matter as it would tarnish the aspiration of PNG in its bid to enter a team in NRL.
Just last week, PNGNRL Bid executive officer Bev Boughton called for PNG to stop violence to help support the PNG bid for NRL entry.