Inexperienced Orchids return


THE inexperience of the Papua New Guinea Orchids was a telling  factor in their losing all three matches at the Southern Cross Group Stadium in Sydney during the women’s rugby league World Cup.
The lack of experience in such an event and level was disastrous for the new comers in the international arena. PNG Orchids coach Dennis Miall, however, praised the players for their performance even after losing to England (36-8), Canada (22-8) and New Zealand (38-0).
He said it was the experience was something to work on in the future.
“In the three games we played, we started off very well in the opening minutes but midway throughthe match we faltered due to inexperience,” Miall said.
“It was disappointing that Canada, a non-rugby league playing country, denied PNG of a semifinal berth.
“They are not a rugby league playing nation but with a wealth of experience in rugby union and American football they were skillful and beat us.
“This is something that we have learned from to work on in the future.
“Looking at other teams, they prepared for several months but we got ourselves together only 28 days before the World Cup.”
The Orchids won many admirers among the fans who attended the three rounds of pool games at Southern Cross Group Stadium for their skill and courage.
PNG Orchids also did themselves and the rugby league-mad nation proud at their first women’s World Cup and trailed just 8-0 at half time against the Kiwi Ferns on Wednesday night.
But Kiwi Ferns dominated the second stanza to romp to a 36-0 over the hapless opposition.
Captain Cathy Neap shared the same sentiments as coach Miall.
“We all played our best but we played the best from England, Canada and New Zealand,” he said.