It’s all about influence, students told in church

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SCHOOL children were reminded that education is not just about getting a paid job and raising a family but planning to become an influential person in the community.
In their back-to-school church service yesterday, students and parents of the Kudjip Nazarene Church were urged to work together to nurture leaders who would be looked on to help change the nation.
Community-based healthcare national coordinator of the Nazarene Health Ministries Matthew Galman said youths of today should change their thinking.
“Don’t just confine yourselves to thinking that when you go to school, you will find an employment, get paid and start a family,” he said.
“Education means you receive awareness about the existence of a problem, then you get an understanding of that problem, and you find a solution to the problem.
“So we should raise and produce educated people, who are the solutions to the problems that exist in our community and country today.”
Galman said youths were prone to peer pressure – groups of an increasing number of school dropouts likely to experiment alcohol, drugs and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.
He said parents had a daunting task to guide their children.

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