Influx of foreign retailers worries nationals

Lae News, Normal

The National, Thursday 23rd August, 2012

RETAIL business operations reserved for Papua New Guinean nationals are continually being taken over by foreigners, a community leader says.
Ben Jeremiah, from the Papuan Compound in Lae, Morobe, complained that in the city there were mini-marts and shops being operated by Asians when they should have been reserved for nationals.
“There are a few or almost no Papua New Guineans operating retail shops in Lae,” he said.
“It is a disgrace to see these foreigners sitting on high stools and watching nationals manning the cash register with eagle eyes as if they would steal money from the till.
He said some examples of such businesses were warehouse shops called “Twelve Door”, on Laurabada Avenue, and the shops in a new complex dubbed Down Town, on Markham Road, near the old Lae airport.
The complex building is believed to be owned by a national but is rented out to Asians to operate retail businesses.
Most food bars and bakeries in the city are owned and operated by nationals.