Inform people about vaccine


VACCINATION against the Coronavirus (Covid-19) needs to be properly understood before it is rolled out.
At the moment, there is a great controversy surrounding vaccination.
Most do not want to get a jab because of fears that it might kill them instead of protecting them.
To date, there is no effective approach taken to educate the people about the vaccine so that they make informed decisions.
If health authorities, companies, individuals or even the State believes in the vaccine as the ultimate protection that guarantees people’s safety, then there’s no need to rush everyone to get the jab.
Awareness on getting the Covid-19 vaccine should be carried out the same way the authorities did for polio and other diseases.
Right now, forcing individuals to take the vaccine is not necessary as the Covid-19 situation in the country doesn’t warrant such approaches.
We are not burying hundreds of people in mass graves and we are not dying like flies as some people in other countries have.
People who are forcing others to get vaccinated should stop and find effective approaches to ensure people understand the vaccine and how it works first.
Covid-19 vaccination is voluntary, so when people refuse to take the vaccine, we should respect their decision.
Vaccination is voluntary, meaning organisations should respect that as well.
Stop terrorising people over vaccination.

Tony Guan,
Kondan Baundo Simbaix