Inform progress of agriculture workship

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday February 7th, 2014

 SOME  years  back,  an agriculture sector workshop was  held  with  the  aim to provide key stakeholders an  opportunity to contribute to   the process of formulating project(s) for Australian government assistance to human resource development (HRD) in  agriculture.

This workshop had interesting outcomes in terms of identifying core problems that needed to be addressed, analysing the problems in terms of cause-and-effect,  relationships  and establishing a preliminary list of priority areas for support. 

The three crucial areas affecting the sector that were highlighted includes Sector Policy Development, Human Resource Development and Agricultural Education.

It  is obvious that agriculture, being the lead renewable resource economic sub sector, continues to provide the livelihood of the majority of people  in improving food and economic securities.

It  would  be encouraging if   the  AusAID  hierarchy in the country can tell those of us involved in the agriculture development of  the  progress  so  far  relating to this workshop.

Davidson Jeune