Information, key to success

National, Normal

INFORMATION is critical to development and the  entire media industry in Papua New Guinea plays pivotal roles in disseminating vital information, acting US Ambassador Paul Berg said. 
“Development can’t be achieved fully without information, and the media in Papua New Guinea plays a critical and vital role in that aspect,” he said.
Mr Berg paid a courtesy call to various media outlets last week, including The National Papua New Guinea’s leading daily.
It was part of normal diplomatic protocol to strengthen ties with the media.
The media, Mr Berg said, played an important role in keeping diplomats on par with the latest in development and issues affecting the country.
“I always read The National daily, like I do with the Post-Courier and other forms of media, so that I can be versed on the important issues that are taking place in PNG,” he said
“I must say I am impressed and admire your news coverage and your stand on important issues as portrayed in your editorials,” he said. 
The US diplomat noted that he was impressed with how readers participate and express themselves freely via the opinion page.
“This shows that Papua New Guineans are aware of the issues and, importantly, are able to freely express their thoughts proving that you have a vibrant and thriving democracy,” he said.
“This also indicates the freedom and vibrancy of the media”. 
Mr Berg assured that the US would continue to support the PNG media via training as done in the recent past years where renowned American journalists come over to conduct workshops.