Infrastructure, economy remain main challenges: VC

Youth & Careers

PAPUA New Guinea has huge natural resources and the need to build infrastructure and grow the economy are challenges that remain for the country, University of Technology (Unitech) Vice-Chancellor Dr Ora Renagi says.
“The science, technology and the innovation required to develop our country must come from the Papua New Guinea University of Technology,” he said.
“There is still a huge knowledge and skills gap among us nationals in understanding the science of our own resources and acquiring the technology that is needed to build infrastructure and effectively contribute to our economy and improve the quality of life of our people.
“That is what is meant by real world solutions.”
Dr Renagi said knowledge and technology that one needed to acquire needed to be used to develop resources for the people.
He said it was Unitech’s vision to grow “world class technocrats for the real world”.
“To ease your understanding of the word ‘technocrats’ let me explain the difference between UPNG (University of Papua New Guinea) and PNG University of Technology – UPNG grows bureaucrats.
“Bureaucrats manage the economy; they manage the society
and socio-economic affairs of a nation.
“Unitech grows technocrats or technologists who contribute to nation-building.
“Our engineers design and construct bridges, manufacturing plants, roads, mines, power and water supply systems.
“Our agriculturalists become farmers, scientist who understand our forests, tropical environment, oceans, biodiversity, minerals, geology and food.