Infrastructure important for schools

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The National, Monday 13th May 2013

 INFRASTRUCTURE developments in schools are very important because it will boost the morale of students to concentrate on their studies, a headmaster in Western Highlands says.

Tambul High School headmaster James Pini said the school planned to build a mini aid post in the school so that students need not have to travel far to get medical treatment.

Pini also plans to erect a new fence around the school to give it a new look.

“Infrastructure development is very important and I want to appeal to students to look after the properties and any new development taking place.

“We have to move ahead and now with the funding from the national government’s free education policy, many good things will happen at Tambul,” Pini said.

He had served in several secondary and high schools in the province and said he knew from experience that when infrastructure development was taking place in a school, the standard of education would improve.