Infrastructures badly needed


WARIA or Garaina LLG in Bulolo, Morobe, is a name without any government office established or buildings over the last 10 years.
The local level government ward councillors and public servants posted to Waria have been hanging around in Lae, Wau, Bulolo or elsewhere collecting their pay without doing anything.
The people of Waria are still waiting to see the promised road constructions to reach Garaina station.
Waria or Garaina Tea was once on the shelves of many of our trade stores and supermarkets throughout PNG.
It is now lying idle due to the lack of better road network.
Bulolo will see more economic activities if our political leaders spend their provincial service improvement programme and district service improvement programme fund annually on building roads and bridges and maintenances.
Once we start doing that, many Papua New Guineans will grab that opportunity to go back home and start working on their lands to produce and sell their products.
That would help them financially and the country in terms of exporting our agricultural goods produced locally.

Samson C. Napo,
Buang LLG Bulolo