Initiative paves way for farmers to sell cattle


TWO young men who started a company a year ago have helped many cattle farmers in Sialum, Tewai-Siassi to sell their cattle.
Johannes Simbak, 30, and Steward Marcus, 27 started Sialum Cattle and Farmers Division of Zazozo Holdings Ltd and have helped farmers sell almost 100 cattle to customers in Lae.
Simbak said they helped farmers who faced difficulties in transporting their cattle to Lae for their customers.
“We started the company this year after seeing the struggles faced by our farmers, especially the elderly people, in bringing their cattle to sell in Lae,” Simbak said.
“We have been buying cattle from the local farmers and shipping them to Lae where we sell them to Balob Teachers College. What we are doing has really helped in boosting our local economy and the farmers are also happy.”
Marcus said they deliver cattle upon orders.