Initiative to help women lend roles in construction industry


AN initiative to empower women, including those living with disabilities, to pursue job opportunities in the construction industry had started in Lae.
The PNG Women in Construction (PNGWIC) is the joint initiative of the Lae Chamber of Commerce Inc (LCCI), Johnstaff International Development, Lae City Authority and the University of Technology.
It recognises the strengths that women bring to the industry and the challenges women face there.
Lae Chamber of Commerce president John Byrne said while it empowered women and gave them opportunities, it also recognised men as equal players at home and the workplace.
“We are faced in our communities with a situation where a lot of women are looked down on, and that also translates to businesses, homes and other areas where we existed,” said Byrne.
Byrne said the LCCI fully supported the initiative as it was important for everyone to help in one way or another in moving the economy forward.
Michaella Otto, who is involved in real estate, welcomes the initiative to promote gender equality in the construction industry.
Otto said it would encourage women to be at par with the men, and to handle jobs men were doing.

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