Initiative to split boundary hailed


PRIME Minister James Marape’s assurance in parliament on the setting up of Boundaries Commission to review all electoral boundaries proportionate to the growing population is a step in the right direction.
The constitution requires 50,000 people to be represented by a single member of parliament.
That law does not allow any open member to represent more than 100,000 people.
For example, the population of Bulolo electorate is well over the 100,000, against the required law.
We need to create another electorate before 2022 national elections.
Few provincial governments such as Morobe have established their own provincial boundaries commission. They did a good job with the last national boundaries commission which did tabled the commission’s report but was thrown out by Parliament.
The people of Bulolo have been crying out for a new Wau Open electorate to represent Waria, Wau rural, and Wau Urban LLG for a long time.
In addition to Bulolo/Wau electorate, Menyamya/Aseki, Finschhafen/Hube, Salamaua as well as Morobe need to be split into West and East provinces.
West Morobe will be made up of Markham, Salamaua, Bulolo, Wau, Aseki and Menyamya.
Their new provincial headquarters can be located at Megao next to Baiyune Lutheran High School in Mumeng LLG of Bulolo District.
East Morobe would include Aihi open, Nawaeb, Finschhafen, new Hube, and Tewai-Siasi electorates.
Its headquarter can be located at Gagidu station in Finschhafen.
Current Huon Gulf electorate is to be abolished and done away with and renamed Salamaua Open.
Our people must understand the reason behind the push for these changes and the political benefits these changes can bring about.
In real sense these changes will bring better political, administration, and better public service mechanism in service deliveries and developments in the long run.
Lae Open seat is to remain and be accorded similar political treatment as that of the National Capital District.

Samson C Napo,
Former Bulolo MP

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