Injured inmates flee again

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SIX injured inmates admitted at the Mt Hagen Hospital following the mass breakout from Baisu Prison on Monday were later taken away by armed relatives, an official says.
Baisu prison commander Supt Timbi Kaugla told The National that the six were among the 28 recaptured after 102 inmates had walked out of the prison gate during lunch hour. Eight were shot dead and 66 remain at large.
He said eight were admitted at the hospital.
Six were taken by relatives, one was taken back to prison and one remained in the intensive care unit.
He said there was no police or prison officer guarding the inmates at the hospital when the armed relatives walked in after threatening the security guards at the hospital.
Kagla said the prison management would no longer take injured escapees to hospital for treatment because they had qualified medical staff in the prison compound.
Assistant Police Commissioner Nema Mondiai, the Divisional Commander Highlands – Eastern End, said the 102 inmates did not escape but “walked out” of the prison.
“Many inmates were aggressive to the warders during the time they walked out and because the warders were outnumbered, the whole lot of them walked out,” Mondiai said.
Mondiai said police had met with the prison commander and senior officers to plan their search for the 66 still at large.
“I warn the public to report any suspicious faces they see in the community immediately to the nearest police station,” he said.
“They are dangerous to the communities.”
He said the shooting of the escapees out the prison walls would be investigated.
“The shooting that took place inside the prison is not under our jurisdiction.
“It is for the prison management to look at,” he said.
Meanwhile, a source said two bodies were found yesterday in the Waghi River by warders.
It could not be confirmed is they were part of the 66 still missing.
The source also identified the eight inmates killed as Stanley Ponge from Pabrabuk village, WHP; Jacob Wanpis from Mt Hagen; Bap Topo from Nondugl, Jiwaka; Ram John from Tambul-Nebilyer, WHP; Joshua Noki from Tambul-Nebilyer; Yanis Panam Neli from Laiagam, Enga; Newman Manameng from Baiyer, WHP; and, Shaun Rambo from Wabag.


  • My question is why were there no police &/or warders at the hospital? Known criminals hospitalized without guards, smells fishy.

  • Policemen and warders risk their life as well too! Though they reckon the risk of the prisoners are highly regarded towards the people, but as always one may say to another, who cares ! Get staying at the hospital and keeping watch at the injures, then tell you what would happens? Before the breaking of dawn in the early hours of the morning, “Killing festival possibly will undeniably intervene and bring destruction to the people around the town again”

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