Injured woman saved by CCJV doctor

Lae News, Normal

The National – Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DESPITE the Jan 21 melee in which hundreds of villagers armed with clubs and knives rammed through the gates of Curtain Clough Joint Venture Company (CCJV) and attacked employees in Hides 4, Southern Highlands, the company remains committed in its resolve to establish mutual understanding with the people.
Last week, a grieving woman chopped her finger off to express her sorrow for her deceased son but she almost died of loss of blood.
The woman, who lives behind the newly-constructed C1 conditioning plant at Hides 4, ran into the construction site and collapsed but luckily security guards manning the camp alerted CCJV doctor Simon Temo who resuscitated the woman and transported her to Tari hospital where she is recovering.
Police deployed at Hides 4 investigated the matter and established that she had inflicted the injury on herself.