Inmate dies at hospital

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The National, Monday September 2nd, 2013


AN inmate at the Beon jail collapsed and died when he was brought to the Modilon General Hospital in Madang last Thursday.

Prison officers said the inmate was  Rosio Philip, 33, from Kainantu in Eastern Highlands. 

He was transferred two months ago from Kainantu’s Bundaira prison because of water problems there.

Philip was serving a 12-year sentence for murder.

“He collapsed at around 6.30am when he was walking to the toilet and was rushed later to Modilon Hospital,” an officer said.

He said Philip had been sick for a while and requested medical treatment last Wednesday. 

But the Beon prison aid-post had run out of medicine.

Inmates have questioned jail commander Tita Wada why there was no medicine available and why the ambulance donated by Governor Jim Kas for the prison was not being used.

Wada said he would seek advice from the Correctional Service commissioner Martin Baltazar before making comments regarding Philip’s death.

This was the second death of a Beon inmate in recent times and had raised concerns from relatives and the inmates.

A source said inmates who had tuberculosis had to live with the healthy ones in poor conditions.

“On Sept 11, 45 inmates and 10 CS officers will be appearing at the national court for human rights cases,” the source said.

All human rights cases were filed because there was no welfare officer to attend to personal queries, illegal detention and health issues.

No parole was granted to inmates this year. 

Relatives of inmates believe it is because of jail breakout early this year in which 49 escaped.

Steven Tari, known as Black Jesus, who was one of the 49 escapees, was chopped to death by locals in the Gal area of Transgogol LLG last week.

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