Inmates’ bodies released

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FAMILIES of the 11 prisoners shot dead while trying to escape from Buimo Prison last month were finally allowed to collect the bodies, saying they intend to take legal action.
Parent Nelson Jonah said they could not understand why it took so long to release the bodies from the Angau Memorial Hospital.
“Hauskrai are expensive and (delaying the burial) has financially drained us. We’re spending a lot of money,” he said.
Spokesman for the families Kanumai Paip said it would take at least two weeks to pay their final respect to the deceased and complete funeral arrangements.
“After that, we will meet and start discussing how to proceed with our legal case,” he said.
“We hope to secure a good criminal lawyer and will take the state to court.”
The 11 dead were among the 71 prisoners who escaped from the Buimo on August 14.
Nine of the 11 were on remand.
Paip said prison warders used guns as a last resort, and only to immobilise the escapees.
“Previously, CS officers shoot to immobilise escapees, not shoot to kill,” Paip said.
“Eleven dead is a big number in the history of Papua New Guinea. We need closure.”
The relatives are also calling for proper fencing around the Buimo jail facility.


  • time to seriously consider the value of life, inmates to Prison officers, law enforcement agencies. If you are an inmate, why trying to escape, and secondly why committing offences in the first place, to those parents and relative of decease, if you don’t read the bible, for the wages of sin is death, it comes in all forms, you will be judge on the judgement day. To the trigger happy CIS officers , what is a human life compare to the crime, if murder or rape , he can be cripple not executed , the guys who escape are all unharmed and under the firearms act, there is no imminent danger ,that warrant the use of fire arms here, so your actions will prove in court of law why you fire the shot from M16/Shot gun or pistol..The court must have a corona inquest to the 11 deaths.

  • The result of these is a wake up call to our judicial system and the system of governance in general in PNG. From the beginning of time at the earliest of societies or what is deemed to be a formal society, crime exists in whatever form or shape. Crime is a shadow or off spring of society, you can never separate no matter how perfect you want this world to be. The issue here is our processes in place to address crimes or alleged crime committed, from the investigation, to the arrest, to the time spent in jail (wait court) and finally conviction. Its the same story over again, most of the remaindees are waiting for their case to be heard. Another issue is overcrowding of jails and infrastructure built during the times of NOAH. Common social economics – population growth will result in crime increase, where the hell are you going to put the whole lot of them. FOR GOODNESS SAKE GOVERNMENT, BUILD MORE MODERN JAILS!!!!!! that will benefit everyone, those inside and outside, NOT A HIGH FANCY APEC HAUS that cause millions that to date does not benefit the majority.

  • Criminal trying to escape without completing their terms in prison! serious offence. They are convicts, when comming into the communities they commit more crimes as if though they are superheroes with the logo “mi ya escapee ya”, on them. so every good citizens are scared of such behavior and inhumane attitude practiced by those so called culprits especially in the settlement that we live. so i think there is no space for “head problem man”in the community. so what has just happend is the call of the mother nature. salamat.

  • Prevention is better than cure.. live by the rule of law and be productive citizens. If they were law abiding at the first place, and secondly live by command (despite legal proceeding delays) than resorting to runaway they would have lived today and could become productive in their personal lives and contribute meaningfully to nation building… remember breaking away from prison does not mean you are free. you are still a prisoner away from prison when government is still around. Prison is not a bad place, but a better place for bad people to transform and change to be better person in the future. this is where people realize wrong doings and change for the better… sorry for those who died, but they made a wrong decision.

  • The government should have better security system in-place to have both sides in one good peace, however, where there is no proper security system, the door is open to everthing like; escapes, deaths, mourns/hauskrais, legal actions and etc… so, the government needs to improve on security system as 11 deaths at once is not good enough, human beings born to make mistakes and learn from them. To the government – what will be the Way forward after this action????

  • Buimo prison needs to be relocated to another location, it has been heard and seen on paper that prison break has been planned & executed successfully by inmates for sometimes now, with majority on the run. “Runaway na ino go hide! kam stap ples klia na paitim bros osem u wanpla superhero, na mekim planti pasin bel pain pasin lo ol innocent sista na mama”. . The good nature is taking its own coures. Romans 6:23.amen

  • Why at first place government allow Correctionl Service to purchase guns and trained officers to use guns. The actions by those officers I believe by law they are entitled to use them. It is one of the unfortunate situations where lives were lost that now attracts many attention and some of the deceased relatives may handed up seeking justice for their lost love ones. Everyone is afraid of guns same to those who were killed during the break out. Those who escaped took the risk knowingly it’s life or death. Those relatives who are seeking legal advice may spent many of their monies to lawyers who to make monies for their gain. Correctional Service is a state institution remember, these cases will drag on for some docket years where will the relatives get their get monies to again follow up on their cases normally lawyers keep asking for monies. What if the escapees were not dead what would be the likely scenario at their communities

  • The criminal and the judicial system and law enforcers need a real wake up call and clean up. there are so many human rights abuses unaccounted for, cases that are pending for petty crimes and lack of quick turn around time to some of this, Inadequately skilled, under performance , undisciplined majority law enforcers. Yes the criminal deserves death for breaking rules and if fired upon for their freedom, the law enforces need to be well trained to immobilize but not kill. Every man deserves a chance in life and thus human rights abused over civilians and escapees are just untold to equate.

    Where are the ministers responsible for law enforcement and national security… We need some real deliveries and changes in the law enforcement areas.

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