Inmates determined to learn new skills

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The National, Tuesday, June 7th 2011

MOST prisoners hate overcrowded jails but still want to pursue an education to become better citizens, Finschhafen MP Theodore Zurenuoc says.
Zurenuoc visited Buimo jail last Thursday and said inmates from Finschhafen had told him that.
This was first told to Bulolo MP Sam Basil when he visited Buimo jail earlier.
Last week, inmates from Finschhafen called on their MP to create a bigger rural lock-up and seriously help them in furthering their education and to develop productive skills.
The appeal by the prisoners was supported by warders and jail commander Timbi Kaugle.
The inmates said despite the support of churches, they wanted more solid rehabilitation programmes.
 “There is poor recognition by the government apart from the churches, and despite the CS corporate plan aimed at quality rehabilitation to see improved lifestyle of inmates, we don’t have resources to implement the plan,” Kaugle told the visiting delegates from Finschhafen that included district administrator Robin Basenu and Hube LLG president Dac Viso.
Finschhafen inmates’ representative Ricky Seski called for a change of correctional institutes into educational institutions.
He said the service should prioritise education for the prisoners and called on Zurenuoc to support Basil in parliament to fight for improved conditions for the Correctional Services and prisoners.