Inmates get more time for possessing drugs

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The National, Thursday February 6th, 2014

 TWO inmates at the Kerevat prison in East New Britain had four months added to their jail terms after they were found guilty of possessing drugs.

The Kerevat district court last Friday found the two guilty of the offence.

Boas Popokau, 26, of Ngavalus, in New Ireland, is serving eight years for abduction and sexual penetration.

Benson Thomas, 26, of Putanagororoi, in Rabaul, is serving 10 years for armed robbery.

Magistrate Georgina Coppard was told that the two while in jail were visited by Alois Emmanuel, 19, of Ratongorr, Rabaul, and Lucas Thomas, 19, of Putanagororoi.

They brought four packets of marijuana to the two inmates on Jan 11.

After visiting hours, a warder saw Popokau throwing the packets into the nearby garden.

The warders chased the two visitors and took them back to the Kerevat police station where they were charged with conveying drugs.

The two were served six months each in prison.