Inmates participate in Tvet course


MORE than 40 inmates from Bomana Jail will take part in the National Capital District technical and vocational education training (Tvet) programme next year.
This is a joint venture between National Capital District Commission youth desk with Bomana Correctional Service, Department of Education Tvet branch, NCDC Tvet programme and
Asia Pacific Institute of Applied Social Economic and Technical Studies.
Bomana acting commander Stephen Pokanis said the ongoing effort and support from NCDC, on driving Tvet programmes at the jail, “is very good and complements the ongoing Tvet programme National Capital District Commissionhas in place for our unemployed youths in NCD”.
“We must continue with this drive for our people,” he said.
“This is where we need to have a good organising team and systems established to coordinate, monitor, evaluate, and report on the Tvet programme at Bomana.
“It is also important to have a structured Tvet system for convicted detainees that meets the market demand at the formal, informal and at the village or settlement-community level.”
Pokanis said most importantly, detainees were the primary beneficiaries.
He said more effort should be put into identifying the right groups of detainees to undertake such training, and how they would contribute meaningfully while serving time in jail.
Pokanis said the National Capital District Commission had been supporting Bomana for so many years.
“It is now time to leave a legacy by having a sound, structured programme with strong administrative coordination and dynamic policies to set up small industries at Bomana,” he said.
“Detainees taking Tvet programmes can utilise the sets-of-skills to generate revenue for the institution, of which a small percentage can be allocated to
them towards their release plan-date.”
National Capital District Commission youth mobilisation officer Kure Yosi told The National that the team would start with facilitating a small study to look at existing policies, work practices, availability of jail officers at Bomana and skilled officers to coordinate the programme.

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