Inmates surrender

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The National, Tuesday 02nd April, 2013

AN inmate serving a life sentence for murder and two others convicted of manslaughter are back behind bars – thanks to the assistance of Madang residents.
The three were part of the group of 49 who escaped from the Beon jail last month. Among them was cult leader nicknamed Black Jesus.
To date six have been rounded up or surrendered.
Beon jail commander Tita Wada yesterday expressed his thanks to the Baitata and Wagol communities who helped police and war­ders in their hunt for the escapees.
Another escapee, Jimmy Mogoi, had surrendered to the village court magistrate after visiting relatives at the Wagol settlement.
Wada said after much discussion, relatives of Mogoi encou­raged him to surrender. He was picked up by correctional and police officers on Sunday morning.
Mogoi was jailed for eight years for manslaughter. He is from Bogia.
Wada said Joel Otari was rounded up last Friday night at the Sagalau abattoir after a tip-off to warders and police.
He said Otari was serving life for the rape and murder of his mother.
Last Wednesday, Diye Aike from Beme village in the Ranara area of Raicoast, was nabbed after a dawn raid at one of the villages in Baitata, North Coast road.
Aike is serving an eight-year term for manslaughter.
“I commend all those who are putting their lives at risk by coming forward. This is the spirit of Easter. I appreciate it. Prisoners are prisoners, they must return to their rightful place,” Wada said.
It leaves 43 still at large.