Inquiry into KPHL stalled, says Sir John


THE Public Accounts Committee’s inquiry into Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd (KPHL) which was to begin yesterday has been “stalled” because of a court case filed by the company.
KPHL is seeking orders to stop the committee from investigating the company operations.
Committee chairman Sir John Pundari said yesterday that the inquiry had to be postponed.
“It’s basically due to the fact that the PAC inquiry has been challenged and the case is now before the courts. Therefore, the inquiry has been stalled.”
The inquiry is to look into the aggravated income generated from the 500-plus shipments made since the start of the PNG LNG project.
The first shipment left PNG in May, 2014. The committee asked KPHL to provide information on:

  • How much has been has been made so far in the export of liquefied natural gas;
  • how much of that money had been given to the State and landowners;
  • how much has been given to the provincial government of the affected areas for development and infrastructure; and,
  • How much was used for KPHL’s operating costs.

The inquiry was to begin on Oct 22 but was delayed for two weeks following a request by lawyers representing KPHL.
It was postponed to Nov 5.


  • This is the peoples money, why are we denied information. It is in the interest of the nation. Quits this bullshit and expose corruption if there is any

    • Something Fishy going on in KPHL. Why would it run to court. People of PNG has the right to these informations. PMJM must directly intervene as he is the sole custodian to these funds.

  • I KPHL is not own by the company the “GENERAL MANAGER” it belong to the PEOPLE of Papua New Guinea why you let the inquiry into the multi billion Kina state own entity. if you are keep on using law then you are practicing corruption in the office. All the people of this nation we have read the article by former state enterprise minister and we know what is going in the KPHL manager. you cannot hide God is watching you.

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