Inspections not carried out effectively, official says


Inspections of secondary and high school teachers in Jiwaka have not been carried out effectively for the last eight years, an official says.
Provincial education adviser Dr Charly Muke said inspection was needed for teacher promotions.
He said from 2013 no proper inspections had taken place for high school and secondary school teachers in the province.
Muke said inspectors needed vehicles and other logistical support to travel to all schools in their respective districts to carry out inspections.
He said these factors made it difficult for the inspectors to move around and perform their duties.
Muke said inspectors in the province did not have a vehicle to travel to schools in the province.
He said these were some of the contributing factors that affected inspections in the province and had resulted in the drop in school performance over the few years.
In the PNG education system, senior teachers were developed to be principals (level 10) through inspections and promotions.
Muke said in the past eight years only four teachers had been inspected by Jiwaka inspectors.
He said this meant all Jiwaka secondary school principals had never been inspected and had not reached level 9.
Muke said schools in Jiwaka had no level 10 teachers to choose from and this meant that if the provincial education board wanted to change principals it would have to put a level 9 teacher into the position.
Dr Muke said inspection was vital.