Inspectors not doing duty, workshop told


SCHOOL inspectors have been accused of not doing their duty of visiting and inspecting schools.
The issue was raised during an education advisers’ workshop in Central this week.
Highlands regional education adviser Erwin Us said a lot of teachers around the country could not be promoted because there were no inspectors around to assess their work and prepare reports on them.
“This happened as a result of them being not inspected. The number of promotional positions are still vacant and cannot be filled unless teachers are inspected and recommended to fill these positions,” he said.
Us said one reason why inspectors were not doing their duty was because they lacked funding.
He said they had advised the Teaching Service Commission and the Education Department to allocate funding for school inspectors so that they could visit schools.
“If the government is serious about education in the country, it has to provide funding so that inspectors can do their jobs.”
The education consultative meeting held in Port Moresby was to discuss teacher management issues in provinces. It was attended by provincial education advisers and administrators.

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