Institute giving away scholarships worth K300,000 to students nationwide

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THE International Training Institute has given 100 scholarships worth K300,000 to its new student intakes nationwide.
From the 100 successful recipients, 45 scholarships were given to Central and National Capital District from where 21 students have registered for the first the semester.
The announcement of recipients from Central and the National Capital District were made in Port Moresby on Thursday.
The other 24 recipients will register for semester two in July as the scholarship is only for the certificate level.
Fifty-five scholarships were given to other campuses around the country.
The successful recipients met a requirement GPA of 1.75 and a “C” grade or above in English and mathematics.
“It is part of our obligation and service to the community,” ITI president and managing director Senthil Kumaran Sentheyval said.
The institute started offering K100,000 worth of scholarships a year in 2014 and helped more than 300 students.
Student representative Willie Asi, who graduated from Iarowari Secondary School in Central last year, was grateful for the opportunity as not many parents could afford to send their children to ITI as a self-sponsored student.
“We will continue to offer scholarships next year because some children are unfortunate and also because of space limitation in many institutions,” Sentheyval said.

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