Institute offers training course for employees


By Johnson Pundari, executive director of IBBM
Let’s face it: Doing business now is getting tougher, thanks to globalisation.
Most PNG companies are now competing in a global market rather than a local or national market. The horizons of doing business are increasing by the day.
Organisations, therefore, need to be smart and competitive to be in the game. Playing on a bigger business field means it is critical for your organisation to gain a “competitive advantage”.
It is important that competitive advantages, through employee development, is critical as other factors such as systems, processes, procedures, technology can be copied, bought and followed by the others.
Competitive advantage emanating from human resource development is lasting and sustainable, which is where effective corporate training comes in.
Most high-performing organisations are taking a structured approach to skill development by maintaining a training calendar for new and existing employees. The more you train your
employees, the greater the payoff.
PNG Institute of Banking and Business Management (IBBM) has been the leading training provider in the country providing industry focused and tailored corporate training to the banking and financial industry as well the top 50 organisations in the country.
IBBM uses three key steps in delivering training that meets the needs of the employees and their organisation.
They are:

  • Identifying core skill requirements;
    Training needs of employees are assessed and identified in line with the organisations needs against the capacities of employees. Gaps are identified and training plans are recommended.
  • developing appropriate training;
    Appropriate training are recommended and tailored if not available in addressing identified gaps. A training plan is then developed;
  • Implementing and evaluating the success of training.
    IBBM works closely with the organisations to implement the training plan.
    The implementation is closely monitored and changes are done if and when required.