Institute to host electronics fair

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013


THE Institute of Business Studies will host an information technology (IT) and electronics exhibition on Thursday featuring  students’ inventions of models. 

The models range from electronics to IT hardware. 

Papua New Guinea students can see different applications of IT and electronic models invented by first and third year information technology students, university IT projects and schoolchildren’s physics and chemistry models. 

The exhibition aims to expose students on practical aspects and to encourage their creativity.

It will enable students to have hands-on experience and enhance their understanding of electronic and computer applications. 

IBS head of school of computing Shaik Dawood Ansari said the exhibition would focus on the creativity level of students.

He said IBS, in partnership with PNG Computer Society, had great passion in providing theory on information technology and encouraging students to put those skills to use. 

IT lecturer Vadali Srinivas said: “Students have the knowledge in inventing, but they need a little bit of exposure to allow them to put into practice their skills.” 

He said they hoped the exhibition would push students to a next level of understanding.